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No matter what 2020 has thrown your way thus far (for many it has been a great battle on many fronts), know that the Lord has given you the victory through His cross and will give you strategies to enforce the victory in your situations. Our battles are not natural but spiritual (Ephesians 6). Stay … Continue reading Rescue

What’s your fill today? Panic... This was a message I sent to a few of the WhatsApp groups that I am in this morning - Some of the emoji's haven't transferred over very well and some have been removed. Psalm 91 is and remains my vaccine against every type of virus, no matter what it is named. The … Continue reading What’s your fill today?

Keep praying and believing God – The Word for Today (1st December 2019)

Hi everyone. We are rapidly approaching the end of the Year of our Lord two thousand and nineteen. What a year it has been. I just stopped and asked myself, what have I learnt, what have I experienced and has it helped to develop me as a child of God? Make time, take time Sometimes … Continue reading Keep praying and believing God – The Word for Today (1st December 2019)


So as I grappled with some of my thoughts this morning, I could feel a sense of sadness hit my soul. As I thought about the plight of the Native Americans, the transatlantic slave trade, the plight of the vulnerable in Syria, the great inequality of wealth and so forth, I could feel myself drowning … Continue reading Yet…