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Deliverance in the 21st Century

I received a link on a group WhatsApp chat sent by a brother in Christ. I initially struggled to forward it and the reason why was because I heard a voice saying, "those who receive this don't want to see this. They either know it already, think it's all crazy (and so are you for … Continue reading Deliverance in the 21st Century

Anxious for nothing

Below is an extract from day 3 of a devotion I've been reading: 'Anxious for nothing'. Photo by Finn on Unsplash The devotional is written by Life.Church ( and has been enjoyable and helpful to me. If you don't always have a lot of time due to the busyness of life, these short devotions are … Continue reading Anxious for nothing

Recession (UK dip)

So I awoke to see the news that the UK has officially dipped into recession, but the 'verse for today' courtesy of 'YouVersion' tells of an even greater truth. The choice before us each day is which truth will we chose to follow? The world's or God's? 25 “Therefore I tell you, stop being worried or anxious (perpetually … Continue reading Recession (UK dip)

The Dangers of Criticism – (there can be great unity in diversity) Romans 14

Back in February I wrote a post called 'What’s your fill today?' One of the videos towards the end of the post was encouraging believers to intentionally engage with the Word of God at least 4 times a week. A 'Centre for Bible Engagement' research found the key discovery that the life of someone who … Continue reading The Dangers of Criticism – (there can be great unity in diversity) Romans 14