What is your ‘worth fighting for’?

Family, Community - What do you fight for? I just can't get enough of Brian Courtney Wilson's worship song ‘Worth fighting for’. https://videopress.com/v/bJUVgqWR?controls=false&preloadContent=metadata ‘Worth fighting for’ I find this worship song so real, so relate-able, motivational and encouraging. I especially like this ‘One Mic One Take’ version because it’s just Brian and the pianist. No … Continue reading What is your ‘worth fighting for’?

UCB’s Word for Today

Had to share today's edition of the Word for Today. It so talked into some of my current life experiences and might very well do for you too. It’s the ‘weight’ that keeps you going.UCB Word for Today (24th August 2019). "‘I now live…by faith in the Son of God.’ (Galatians 2:20 NKJV) "A man … Continue reading UCB’s Word for Today