What is your ‘worth fighting for’?

Family, Community - What do you fight for? I just can't get enough of Brian Courtney Wilson's worship song ‘Worth fighting for’. https://videopress.com/v/bJUVgqWR?controls=false&preloadContent=metadata ‘Worth fighting for’ I find this worship song so real, so relate-able, motivational and encouraging. I especially like this ‘One Mic One Take’ version because it’s just Brian and the pianist. No … Continue reading What is your ‘worth fighting for’?

“Have Mercy on Me”

Really loving this worship song right now. I hope it blesses you. The lyrics are beneath the video. https://videopress.com/v/bDljFbyz?preloadContent=metadata The Porter’s Gate (feat. David Gungor) "Have Mercy on Me" [Verse 1]The goodness of the Lord is the kindness of the LordWith ev'ry breath we take, the gift of life and graceThe power of the Lord … Continue reading “Have Mercy on Me”