What’s your fill today?

https://media.giphy.com/media/JqNEV8V6qKYqk/giphy.mp4 Panic... This was a message I sent to a few of the WhatsApp groups that I am in this morning - Some of the emoji's haven't transferred over very well and some have been removed. Psalm 91 is and remains my vaccine against every type of virus, no matter what it is named. The … Continue reading What’s your fill today?

The Date – Friday the 20th September 2019. The Cause – Defeating Fear in my Year of Jubilee

So how did I end up sitting pensively at an airfield a week before my 50th birthday? Well God… isn’t it interesting how so many of our adventures of life begin with “well God…?” Some years ago, in a dream, God showed me a vision of myself in a jumpsuit, walking past a plane. As … Continue reading The Date – Friday the 20th September 2019. The Cause – Defeating Fear in my Year of Jubilee

Waiting (upon the Lord)

Amplified Bible Version Waiting isn’t easy. It requires: a) Vision – after all, we are usually waiting to see something different to our current situation or for an experience of one type or another; b) Determination – “Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. Determination occurs prior to goal attainment and … Continue reading Waiting (upon the Lord)

UCB’s Word for Today

Had to share today's edition of the Word for Today. It so talked into some of my current life experiences and might very well do for you too. It’s the ‘weight’ that keeps you going.UCB Word for Today (24th August 2019). "‘I now live…by faith in the Son of God.’ (Galatians 2:20 NKJV) "A man … Continue reading UCB’s Word for Today

Psalm 25 – Protection, Guidance and Pardon

As I read Psalm 25 this morning I was reminded of how important it is to keep my hope, promise and focus set firmly on the Lord. This gains even greater necessity when we find ourselves under attack, pressure, anxiety, worry, fear... Kind David wrote this Psalm. One theologian, Barnes, stated that the Psalm shows: … Continue reading Psalm 25 – Protection, Guidance and Pardon

A Strategy for Victory

"Now it happened after this that the Moabites and the Ammonites, together with some of the Meunites, came to make war against Jehoshaphat. Then it was reported to Jehoshaphat, “A great multitude has come against you from beyond the [Dead] Sea, out of Aram (Syria); and behold, they are in Hazazon-tamar (that is, Engedi).” Then … Continue reading A Strategy for Victory