UK Mother’s day celebration

A very happy mother's day to all my dear sisters in Christ. All of you who have ever helped support, care, nuture a child or that child's mother are in many cultures a mother yourselves (so it's not only a natural birth thing in my eyes). I salute you all and thank God for your … Continue reading UK Mother’s day celebration

What are you celebrating this Christmas??? If 2020 and Coronavirus has shown us anything this year, I would advocate that it is a need to see the fragility and fallibility of the human race; and the need to be restored into right relationship with a Saviour who loves, understands and made a way for us to be made whole again. … Continue reading What are you celebrating this Christmas???

# Tis the season to be jolly #

Feature Scripture It’s a very interesting time of the year. It’s the time of the year where I find I must be increasingly intentional about being hopeful, joyful and choosing to attain a place of peace and joy in the Lord. As my boss said in a devotional this week “Salvation is free, we don’t … Continue reading # Tis the season to be jolly #